In memoriam - Muistoissa


EE Vet CH Noanarkin Gobius Niger

flatcoated retriever, dog
d.o.b. 12.12.2007
- 17.10.2019
Breeder: Kaija Leinonen, Kennel Noanarkin, Finland.

Velvet Hunters Tumbling Dice;
Breeder: Leonie Doeve, Kennel Velvet Hunters, The Neatherlands;
Owners: The Breeder and Rudy van der Vlasselaer, Belgium.

Dam: FI CH Noanarkin Mergus Albellus;
Breeder: Kaija Leinonen, Kennel Noanarkin, Finland; Owners: Nina and Tomas Berghäll, Finland.













Sigge 10.10.2018, age 10y 10m

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10.10.2015 Wolf test, Laitila, Asko Sorvo   - Video -
13.5.2018 MH-luonnekuvaus, Ikaalinen, MH-Character test
14.7.2018 SmartDog test



SERT / CACs Finland

31.07.2010 Ristiina All Breed Show, Esko Nummijärvi
17.04.2010 Laitila Group Show, Leila Kärkäs
23.05.2009 Rauma All Breed Show, Matti Luoso

Vet-SERT / VET CACs Estonia

25.11.2017 Narva All Breed Show, Bero Bozhinovski (Macedonia)
10.09.2017 Haapsalu All Breed Show, Dina Korma (Estonia)
09.09.2017 Haapsalu All Breed Show, Marian Draganescu (Romania)
26.11.2017 BIG4 BOB Narva All Breed Show, Valentin Fedorov(Belarus)
-> 15.1.2018 EE VCH
7.7.2018 CACIB Linda Jurgens

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FI CH Flatts Red Line Sweet

flatcoated retriever, bitch
d.o.b. 30.4.2002
- 27.12.2016
Breeder: Benita Björklund,
Kennel Flatts, Finland.

Sire: FI CH Searover my Choice;
Breeders: Lena Bratsberg-Karlsson and Anki Andersson, Kennel Searover, Sweden; Owners: Lotten  and Bengt Sanden, Finland.

Dam: FI CH Flatts Ninas Red Line;
Breeder and owner: Benita Björklund, Kennel Flatts, Finland.

Hips: A/A Healthy
Eyes: clear Healthy


19.5.2007 in Rauma show

Work: qualified in the field; 2nd Prize in Novice class >>
FIN CH, 1x Best Bitch, 3x Cert, 2x ReCert

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golden retriever, dog
d.o.b. 20.7.1994 – 30.10.2007
Breeder: Kyllikki Mäki, Kennel Applehill’s

Show: Match show Big Dogs 2nd

died in acute kidney infection and old age

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photo © Studio Brahe


Fools Do It Anyway

flatcoated retriever, bitch
d.o.b. 28.6.1998 - 9.11.2004
Breeder: Akane Miura, Kennel Fools

hips: A/A
eyes: clear

Work: qualified in the field
Show: Very good

Blood tracking: second prize in open class

Agility: Competes Maxi 2: honour prize x 3

died in bone cancer

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Hilwas Kadett

flatcoated retriever, dog
d.o.b. 23.12.1991 – 23.9.2002
Breeder: Christina Helenius , Kennel Hilwas

hips A/ A
eyes: clear
qualified in the  water rescue

died in pulmonary cancer

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